Technical: experience and knowledge

Meeting the requirements of the current market trends in the technical maintenance of a property is a huge challenge, particularly finding the balance between high standards of service and the pressure of cutting the costs due to the growing competition on the technical services market.

“Discipline” and “consistency” are the core words of our technical management approach to the properties. Creating a maintenance plan and the realisation of that plan is the main objective of our technical team. Each plan is prepared in great detail, resulting in high quality work expected by the client and also significant savings in maintenance budgets.

Regularity of tasks executed also helps us to limit unexpected breakdowns that could influence the operation of the property. We provide our tenants with seamless operations whilst also helping them control their service charges budget.

We wouldn’t achieve these results without our team’s constant awareness that technology is changing and developing all the time. Balmain Property Management is strongly focused on constantly developing our technical team. Through training and expert conference participation, our technical team is kept informed of the newest trends and solutions in facility management. They prioritise keeping up to speed with practical knowledge, which can then be implemented for daily operation of the property and budgets. This also enables us to perform some activities in-house without the need for procuring the services externally.