Processes and Effective Rent Collection

Balmain Property Management has developed systems and processes to ensure the proper operation, safety and day-to-day servicing of a given property, but above all, to increase the attractiveness of a property and to maximise the value growth for the investor. Our services are both cohesive and comprehensive and they contribute to the commercial success of each managed property.

Balmain Property Management ensures a close co-operation between the teams working directly in the properties and the teams in the central offices, as well as guaranteeing that clear and transparent procedures regulate the activities.

The financial success of a property strongly correlates with its cash flow. Our debt recovery processes aim to wipe out the payment backlogs and the management of cashflows in order to considerably shorten the cycle of unpaid invoices. Balmain Property Management’s advanced reporting systems and strict and effective procedures enable our experienced debt collectors to negotiate recovery debts quickly and effectively.