Balmain Property Management always takes the real estate investor’s perspective. We believe in a constant and close co-operation and understanding of the investor’s goals and strategies. Not only do we keep up with the rapidly changing market conditions, we also carefully apply them to the needs of a property, its owners, the retailers and ultimately, the retailer’s customer: the shopper.

The property management team benefits greatly from the broader perspective attained by constant communication and exchange of information between all parties, as well as the strategic aspect gained from direct ownership and co-ownership.  

As with all of the Balmain Group’s business disciplines, our people are at the heart of our achievements. We invest in the team’s development and help them to learn about the newest tools and trends of property management on local and international levels. This enables the optimal implementation programmes for the operating of the properties, which we proudly manage.

The business philosophy of our property management service is complemented with the full and continuous verification of all the management processes.  We apply rigorous controls at every operational step and we have processes in place to constantly review and improve these.