Financial Control & Corporate Accounting

Quality of service is of the utmost importance to Balmain Property Management and no area of this is more important than undertaking a rigorous financial and procedural process.

Balmain’s diligent approach to property management is replicated with our seamless, efficient and accurate corporate accounting service, which perfectly complements the property accounting disciplines already in place.

Our attention to fiscal detail provides our clients with security and ensures that reports are always delivered on time. Our detailed understanding of the market specifics and the market threats allows us to respond quickly to potential dangers by employing ready-made solutions, compatible with the Polish and European financial laws.

The analytical skills of our team with broad exposure to multiple disciplines, added to our innovative reporting systems, provides our clients with customised, clear and up-to-the-minute reports. Strong emphasis is placed on simple and clear communication of the information concerning financial and operational events, which can impact strongly on the results of the investments. Our financial team also work on unique reporting solutions, with visualisations and interactive presentations.