Centre Management Operations and Administration

Our approach is to focus on the specific attributes of a property and its environment: there is no ’one glove fits all’ approach within Balmain Property Management. Not only do we keep up with the wider changing market conditions, we also consider the needs of a property and fully understand its local market demands and requirements. Being an integral part of the Balmain Asset Management Group, the property management team has a broader perspective in its service delivery than most other property management service providers.  

At the core of any strategy is the business plan, which covers the medium and long-term investment goals. The owner and Asset Manager would collaborate on this, as well as the leasing and project teams (irrespective of whether they are provided by Balmain or not.) The goals are achieved after a number of key objectives are fulfilled, such as assuring the proper and statutory compliance and operational logistics of a shopping centre, as well as health and safety issues and lease management. Consequently, adhering to these processes makes the property more attractive and marketable and in turn, increases its value for the owner.

At the heart of every business plan are the people who execute it. Carefully selected employees who are given the proper tools, procedures and education ensure that the Balmain Property Management team provides the highest quality of service. Their meticulous approach not only relates to the technical aspects of property management, but also extends to the tenants, service providers, media providers, competition, local law regulations, market environment of a property, its neighbourhood, as well as the global trends which, depending on the specifics of a property, have an impact on its operating.